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Institute sets new fall MA application record

The ultimate number of new students enrolling in courses in the fall won't be known for a few months, but the number of applicants for the Master of Arts program at The Institute of World Politics is the highest in the history of the school.

Colin Parks, Director of Student Recruitment for Academia, reports that IWP received 61 fall MA applications.  According to Jason Johnsrud, the school's Director of Student Affairs and acting Registrar, this represents an increase of 60% from last year.

In late 2008, the Institute adjusted its MA application deadlines for the fall and spring semesters to bring them into accordance with the standard practice of other graduate schools.  Hence, applicants were required to submit their materials by February 1.  According to Mr. Parks, one result of this change is the allowance of more time for applicants to make plans to relocate to Washington and enroll at the Institute.

He noted that prospective MA students have the additional option of applying for matriculation in the summer semester (that deadline is May 1).  As well, students considering applying for other programs and semesters at The Institute of World Politics still have time to complete their applications: the deadline for IWP's Certificate and Continuing Education programs is May 15 for the summer semester and August 14 for the fall.

The growth in applications continues an ongoing trend of rising enrollment in the Institute's MA program.  From the fall semester of 2007 to the fall semester of 2008, the Institute saw a jump of 40% in the number of Master's degree candidates enrolled in classes.  Continued growth came in the spring 2009 semester.  In absolute terms, the school's MA program has gone from 52 candidates in fall 2007 to 81 at present.

Mssrs. Johnsrud and Parks are confident that the school's ongoing program of outreach, marketing, and recruiting will secure continued growth for the school for the rest of 2009 and beyond.