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Washington Times: Medical diplomacy wins hearts and minds

The Washington Times has published an essay by IWP alumnus Jim Dolbow in which he outlined the goals and achievements of the USNS Comfort, a Navy hospital ship currently in the midst of a historic goodwill mission: bringing medical care to under-developed regions of the Caribbean and Central America.

In the article, Dolbow notes the contributions made to Comfort's success by personnel of not only the US Navy, but by other government agencies, almost two dozen non-governmental organizations, and onboard medical personnel from Canada, the Netherlands, El Salvador, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and France.

Dolbow appreciates better than most the important contribution of medical diplomacy to U.S. foreign policy and the potential of that form of outreach.  An article by Dolbow that appeared last year in the U.S. Naval Institute's journal, Proceedings, addressed the subject directly and may be read here:

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