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IWP celebrates 20th Anniversary with gala dinner

John Lenczowski, Joe Robert, and Owen Smith, 20th Anniversary GalaOn Wednesday, April 14, 2010, The Institute of World Politics marked its 20th Anniversary with a gala dinner attended by almost 500 friends, supporters, faculty, students, and alumni.

The evening began with the National Anthem, sung by Jennifer Corey (Miss District of Columbia 2009). Capt. Mark G. Steiner, USN, delivered a heartfelt invocation, giving thanks for the continued success of IWP and invoking grace for the people of Poland. The Master of Ceremonies for the evening, Amb. Aldona Wos, introduced Dr. John Lenczowski and IWP Board Chairman Owen Smith, who presented the well-known philanthropist and national security advocate Joseph E. Robert, Jr. with a Doctorate of Laws degree honoris causa.

A particularly moving moment in the evening came as Ambassador Wos recognized many of the distinguished guests of IWP, including members of Congress and senior members of the armed forces and intelligence community, when the heartiest ovation of the evening was given to IWP’s Army Senior Fellow Col. Greg Gadson.

General Michael Hayden delivered the keynote address, commenting on current American foreign policy, particularly with regards to terrorism. He described the similarities between the overall strategy of the Bush and Obama administrations in dealing with this issue, including similarities of interrogation methods, authorization of the assassination of members of Al Qaeda, and prisons for terrorists.

General Hayden also discussed the question of whether clandestine operatives whose actions were authorized by the Bush administration would be prosecuted by the Obama administration, and explained that such prosecution would most likely not take place. If it were to take place, it would to a large extent destroy the clandestine operational ability of the United States, as operatives would constantly be fearful of prosecution by a future administration.

When considering these questions of foreign policy, the General explained, it is essential to have an understanding of American history and the heritage of American morals and ethics in order to determine which actions are legitimate and not legitimate when dealing with enemies of and threats to our nation. While the government does not provide this type of education for its officials, the Institute of World Politics works to fill this void by educating future leaders in international affairs.

Many thanks go to Amb. Aldona Wos, Gala Chair, her husband Louis DeJoy for his support, Jim Kimsey, Gala Co-Chair, and all the other Hosts, Co-Hosts, and Patrons of the Gala.

General Michael Hayden, 20th Anniversary Gala

Photos by John Harrington






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