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IWP announces establishment of the Center for Culture and Security

Press Release - CCS, Pilon


John Lenczowski, President, and the Board of Trustees of The Institute of World Politics are proud to announce the establishment of the IWP Center for Culture and Security, under the direction of Dr. Juliana Geran Pilon. On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the school’s founding, the Center stands witness to IWP’s continuing commitment to the principle that the pursuit of peace and security cannot be separated from an understanding of our own culture and that of others; from the values that define who we are and what matters to us; and the values that motivate other international actors.

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, many thought that liberalism and democracy had triumphed, and globalization could proceed unencumbered. But the premature euphoria did not last long: witness the specter of nuclear proliferation, the cataclysmic experience of 9/11, wars inAfghanistan and Iraq, piracy in Somalia, genocide in Africa, and Islamist extremists’ recruitment and propagandizing through the Internet. No wonder there is now talk of “the coming anarchy.”

It is increasingly clear that America and indeed the entire global community was facing complex, unprecedented challenges that cannot be addressed by military might alone. In order to meet those challenges more effectively, the Center launches the following projects:

* Ambassadors Forum: regular presentations by current and former Ambassadors, both U.S. and foreign, sharing their experiences, particularly in the areas of public diplomacy and cultural outreach that proved particularly successful. The Forum is chaired by Ambassador Louise Oliver.

* Abrahamic Conversations – The Interfaith Outreach Narratives (ACTION) Project: to focus on cultural, ethnic, and religious narratives designed to enhance interfaith dialogue and better understanding among the Abrahamic traditions. Both students and scholars will undertake research topics exploring various narratives that capture how other cultures view one another and themselves.

* Cultural Intelligence Project (CIP): a resource base for relevant bibliographical and networking informa- tion, offering an opportunity to post both currently available and previously unpublished papers, including the possibility of a prize for research papers on a particular topic. The project will also seek to partner with other organizations, governmental and nongovernmental, involved in teaching culture & intelligence.

* Strategic Communication Project (SCP): a comprehensive website on Strategic Communication, to complement the regular meetings of the Strategic Public Diplomacy Task Force which are currently hosted at IWP, along with the Heritage Foundation and the Brookings Institution.

Media Contact: Charles Van Someren 202-462-2101 ext. 331

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