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IWP announces new Academic Dean

IWP President John Lenczowski is pleased to announce a changing of the guard in the office of the Institute’s Academic Dean.  Dr. Chodakiewicz will be stepping down after five years of service in this job, and IWP’s longtime Adjunct Professor, Dr. Charles Smith, has been appointed as the new Dean. 

Dr. Chodakiewicz had originally accepted the job not having asked for it.  (Few scholars ever want to take on the duties of academic administration.)  He gracefully assumed the burdens, recognizing that these were tasks that had to be done for the good of the Institute, and did so at a critical time. The job he had to fill came on top of a busy teaching schedule, an intensive program of his own research and writing, and continuously vigorous efforts to help with IWP’s fundraising. Altogether, it has been a Herculean effort. 

Now, Dr. Chodakiewicz will be able to concentrate more on his path-breaking research, as well as his efforts to raise funds for the Kosciuszko Chair.  Dr. Lenczowski observes that, “He has been a stout defender of the academic vision of the Institute, and I am enormously grateful for his years of service.”

Dr. Smith has been teaching our core curriculum course on American Founding Principles and Foreign Policy since 2003 on an adjunct basis, in addition to his full professorship at Marymount University.  Having just retired from Marymount, Dr. Smith will be joining us on a full-time basis both to teach and to take on the responsibilities of Dean. 

One of the nation’s foremost authorities on the relationship between American political philosophy and America’s role in the world, Dr. Smith has an abiding commitment to the curriculum and academic philosophy of the Institute.  He will be a unique asset as a mentor to our students, and his presence here will add a great new dimension to the quotidian intellectual life of the school. 

Many thanks to Dr. Chodakiewicz!  And welcome aboard, Dr. Smith!