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Derrick Dortch and Prof. Kelley discuss espionage and counterintelligence

On July 9, 2010, IWP Career Counselor Derrick Dortch and IWP Prof. Brian Kelley, a retired CIA Officer and retired USAF Officer, discussed “The World of Espionage and Counterintelligence” on Federal News Radio.

Please click here to listen. 

This show focused on Brian Kelley and his experience with espionage and counterintelligence at CIA. Next week, Derrick will have IWP Prof. Ken deGraffenreid on his show to discuss espionage, his experience at the NCIX, and the field of counterintelligence.

Derrick was enthusiastic about having these professors on his show: “As we all know, both of these men are true patriots and heroes, it was an honor to have them on my show to discuss these important issues.”

Derrick’s show “Fed Access with Derrick T. Dortch” airs every Friday at 12:00 noon, and can be heard on 1500 AM in the DC area or online at

His show can always be accessed at this link: