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IWP library continues to expand its collection

One popular image of some academic libraries – that they are staid, stuffy institutions serving as little more than warehouses of the irrelevant – could hardly be less applicable to IWP’s Library.

The education offered by The Institute of World Politics unites two distinct pedagogical approaches – traditional study of such liberal arts as moral philosophy and the literature of prudent statesmanship, together with the mentorship of a new generation of leaders by seasoned professionals. Both of these approaches require the services of well-equipped research facilities.

Under the leadership of current IWP Director of Libraries and Information Services Jim Stambaugh, the IWP library, already home to over 30,000 volumes, has continued to expand.  Recently, in preparation for the fast-approaching academic year, Mr. Stambaugh has added over 400 new books to the IWP library on such topics as Islam, foreign policy, area studies, history, national security, terrorism, and counterterrorism.

Mr. Stambaugh and his library team, which includes Library Manager Dmitry Kulik and student worker Chelsea Markle, are hard at work, cataloging these as soon as possible so that these books can become available for IWP students to borrow in the fall.

IWP continues to maintain its online publications that are available to students and alumni. These include national security archives, several databases, and various journals. IWP would like to continue to expand these online publications that are available to our students. Your support will help the library continue to grow – please click here to learn more.

The IWP library is located in Bently Hall, and includes thousands of rare and out-of-print national security books and documents from the American Security Council Foundation and from former senior government officials. Since 2002, IWP has been home to the extraordinary private library of William J. Casey, the late Director of Central Intelligence. Mr. Stambaugh would be happy to assist any visitors to the IWP library, and answer any questions about its hard copy and online collections.

Please consider contributing to our library’s acquisitions and periodicals budget.  Your gift can be in memory of a loved one or in honor of a family member or friend, and will provide much needed resources for our students.  Please click here for a list of the libraries most pressing needs.