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Two second editions published: “Expropriated Memory” and “Ejszyszki, the Pogrom that Never Was”

Fronda publishing company has recently released second edition of two works by Prof. Marek Jan Chodakiewicz, the holder of IWP’s Kosciuszko Chair in Polish Studies.

Zagrabiona Pamiec. Wojna w Hiszpanii 1936-1939 (Expropriated Memory: The War in Spain, 1936-1939), addresses the issue of historical memory and propaganda regarding the conflict. Prof. Chodakiewicz focuses on factual and ideological distortions produced by the Communist spinmeisters persisting into contemporary times. He also retrieves from oblivion the part played by Poland and its citizens in the Spanish tragedy.

The second work, Ejszyszki, pogrom ktorego nie bylo. Epilog stosunkow polsko-zydowskich na kresach (1944-1945) (Ejszyszki, the Pogrom that Never Was: The Epilogue of Polish-Jewish Relations in the Eastern Borderlands [1944-1945]) describes the complexity of inter-ethnic relations within the context of a total war in a multi-ethnic part of the world. Prof. Chodakiewicz analyzes the case of the small town of Ejszyszki in the eastern borderlands of prewar Poland (currently in Lithuania), where an operation by the anti-Nazi, anti-Bolshevik Polish Home Army (main underground resistance outfit) aimed at the Soviet secret police became tragically misinterpreted as a pogrom targeting the hamlet’s Jewish population. This is a must-read for anyone wishing to understand the dynamics of war complicated by ethnic factors.

Dr. Chodakiewicz was awarded the prestigious Józef Mackiewicz literary award from the Polish American Congress for EjszyszkiPlease click here tor read more. 

A link to an English-language introduction to some topics addressed in Expropriated Memory may be accessed here: Download file Affinity and Revulsion: Poland Reacts to the Spanish Right 

A comprehensive introduction to Prof. Chodakiewicz’s book on Ejszyszki in English may be accessed here

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