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Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Srpska speaks at IWP

On Thursday, November 4th, Mr. Stanislav Cado, Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Srpska, spoke at IWP.

Mr. Cado briefed the audience on the general situation in Srpska, explaining that a month ago Bosnia and Herzegovina held general elections for all levels of government. According to Mr. Cado, these election results are important because they allow continuity to the government and stability to the country.

Currently, he stated, the security situation in Srpska is excellent, noting that there is good internal security and a low crime rate. Mr. Cado claimed that quality of life is good, and the nation has no serious military ambitions. On the other hand, he suggested that in Herzegovina, the situation is not as good – there are economic problems in this region, and racial tension.

In Mr. Cado’s opinion, the 1995 Dayton agreement, which ended the Bosnian War, created a good system of government in the region. Since then, however, there have been attempts to change the core of this agreement in favor of greater centralization of state institutions.

Questions included the status of Al Qaeda in the Balkans, the development of state police forces and foreign affairs service, and how the intelligence services in Srpska can work against terrorism in conjunction with other intelligence agencies abroad.