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Thanksgiving letter from an alumnus

Jack Sloan*
Thanksgiving 2010

Dear Friends of IWP,

Please accept my sincere best wishes to you and your families during this Thanksgiving season. I myself have much to be grateful for at this time, in no small part because of The Institute of World Politics. I would therefore like to thank you on behalf of the IWP alumni for your generous contributions and dedication to supporting the institution which has made so much possible for us.

My desire to serve my country has always been strong, and as I neared my graduation from the University of Dallas I decided to follow a longstanding dream and pursue a career in intelligence. But I knew that my chances of being hired at that time were not good; I needed specialized education and training to be competitive.

Fortuitously, IWP President John Lenczowski happened to be the graduation speaker at the University of Dallas that year. His remarks about the ways in which the classical education I received could contribute to the welfare of the nation and the challenges facing America today resonated with me.

After IWP was brought to my attention, I compared it to other programs in international affairs, national security, and intelligence. I was impressed by the experience of the faculty and the fact that IWP offered the program most focused on intelligence, my field of interest. But that specialization did not come at the expense of integrating intelligence into a larger view of statecraft, ethics, and the national interests of the United States of America.

My education at IWP fulfilled and exceeded my expectations in every way. Intelligence can be a somewhat arcane subject, but I was thrilled to delve into it and study its intricacies with the aid of the great personal experience and knowledge of my professors.

My trust and investment in IWP was well-placed; the education I received directly contributed to the attainment of my career ambitions. After graduating from IWP this past May with the class of 2010, I accepted a position in the intelligence community doing what I can only describe as my dream job.

I was confident in the interview process because I felt that the knowledge I had gained and the academic work I had done at IWP prepared me well. I entered on duty in October and my experience in orientation bore out that impression. The intelligence community hires smart, well-educated people, but an IWP education confers a level of knowledge that can only be matched by actual work experience.

Dr. Lenczowski founded IWP because he perceived a need to educate current and future US Government employees in the fields of international relations, national security, and intelligence. I can personally attest that IWP is fulfilling that mission admirably.

The Institute of World Politics has had a significant positive impact on the knowledge and careers of me and my classmates. But this wonderful institution could not do its great work without your continued support. Your valued contributions educate those who wish to serve and protect America, and for this we are all very thankful.

Most Sincerely,

Jack Sloan
Class of 2010

*Name has been changed for security purposes.