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Iranian political prisoner sends support to IWP Iranian conference

Arzhang Davoodi, teacher, poet, writer and political prisoner has been imprisoned for eight years and still has seven more years to serve for his opposition to the Islamic Republic and his life long fight for Freedom and Democracy. He is the Secretary General of the Iranian Freedom Movement and co-founder of the Confederation of Iranian Students.

Below is his message to the participants of the Iran Democratic Transition Conference, organized by IWP’s Center for Culture and Security.

Arzhang made the audio statement from his prison cell specifically for the conference. He was imprisoned for his work to help a Canadian journalist, Jane Kokan, on the PBS film, “Forbidden Iran.” Ms. Kokan, a panelist at the conference, praised this gathering of freedom-loving Iranians from all over the world. Ironically, one of Arzhang’s principal crimes was helping her try to get in touch with our own Amir Fakhravar, who was a political prisoner at the time. Now Amir is free (and is a Research Fellow at IWP’s Center for Culture and Security) and Arzhang is imprisoned.


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