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Student ambassadors give back to the Institute

In the 2010-2011 academic year, IWP has created a “Student Ambassador” program that helps its students engage with members of the public and distinguished guests.

“This corps of excellent students has done an outstanding job in representing our school to the larger community,” said IWP Vice President of Institutional Advancement Tricia Lloyd. “At virtually every event IWP has hosted in the last six months, student ambassadors have been on hand to greet guests and demonstrate the quality of our student body and their scholarship.”

Student ambassadors volunteer their time to the office of the Institute’s president. Their main responsibilities involve representing the school at extracurricular campus events and assisting IWP’s guests. As a part of this, student ambassadors are able to network with the many distinguished friends of IWP – including senior leaders from various government agencies, nongovernmental organizations, embassies, and private corporations.

Reagan A. Sims, a candidate for an M.A. in Statecraft and National Security Affairs, comments, “One good part of the student ambassador program is its networking opportunities. IWP has a lot of interesting and diverse guests who in the given environment might otherwise hang back during an event, but when a student ambassador approaches them and engages in conversation with them, they open up. It can very easily be an enlightening experience both for the guest and the ambassador.”

IWP is proud of its current corps of student ambassadors:

Anna Akopyan
Kristen Beilman
Amanda Caligiuri
Sam Gross
Rachael Pinguelo
Krystle Schuetz
Reagan Sims
Nathaniel Thomas
Michael Webber

Below are photos of student ambassadors at various IWP events.

Mike Webber and General Michael Hayden
General Michael Hayden and Mike Webber

Amanda Caligiuri and MG Michael T. Flynn
MG Michael T. Flynn and Amanda Caligiuri

Anna Akopyan and Hon. Edwin Meese
Hon. Edwin Meese and Anna Akopyan

Reagan Sims and James Kimsey
Reagan Sims and James Kimsey, Co-founder of AOL

Nathaniel Thomas and VADM Gortney
Nathaniel Thomas and VADM William Gortney