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Dr. Lenczowski to speak at conference on “Fighting the Ideological War”

On Wednesday, May 25, 2011, IWP President John Lenczowski will participate in a Westminster Institute conference on “Fighting the Ideological War: Strategies For Defeating Al Qaeda.” 

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Radical Islam has declared itself at war with the West as well as with moderate Muslims. The enemy is well organized, well funded, and grounded in the authority of religious texts. The United States therefore has a particularly difficult battle to fight. It is engaged with an enemy who cares first and foremost about the ideological battle-rebuilding a distinct Muslim identity, strengthening the ummah, and defeating the West, both materially and spiritually. Without directly confronting the ideology driving such groups as Al Qaeda, the United States will never be able to defeat the threat of terrorism. Drawing on the expertise of those who were directly involved in the fight against past totalitarian ideologies and of those who are intimately familiar with the ideology and strategy of the current enemy, this conference will draw lessons from the past for today’s fight against Al Qaeda and associated movements.
-From the Westminster Institute website