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Impacting the lives of leaders: Stephen A. Fausel Scholarships for Intelligence Students

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Stephen A. Fausel has been a longtime friend and supporter of IWP, and this past spring, he decided that he wanted to impact the lives of our students directly.

His generous one-time gift towards the Stephen A. Fausel Scholarships for Intelligence Students made possible scholarships for ten students in the intelligence program at the Institute.

These students are so grateful for Dr. Fausel’s support.  IWP student Michael Webber says, “Mr. Fausel’s generosity has enabled me to continue to pursue my Masters degree at The Institute of World Politics and has been especially helpful in these tough economic times. His generosity is helping train a future generation of leaders that will face a world of complex challenges.”

Another Fausel Scholarship recipient, Gabriella Gervasio, who just graduated from IWP with an M.A. in Statecraft and National Security Affairs and a Specialization in Intelligence, comments: 

“The last two years have positively affirmed my decision to continue my higher education at IWP.  Our professors brought in their personal experience and tailored courses accordingly.   Throughout my time at IWP, high expectations were placed on the students in order to grow academically and learn to think strategically.  Thank you for helping make this experience possible for me, and the other recipients of the Steven A. Fausel Scholarships!”

Dr. Fausel is Director of The Fausel Foundation, and CEO of Fausel Companies, and serves on IWP’s Advisory Board.  At the 2011 Commencement ceremony, IWP conferred upon Dr. Fausel Doctor of Laws degree, honoris causa.

Please click here to learn why Dr. Fausel has chosen to give to IWP.

If you know anyone who would like to name a scholarship, please contact Tricia Lloyd in our Office of Institutional Advancement at (202) 462-2101 or

Stephen FauselAbout Dr. Fausel

Dr. Stephen A. Fausel, a man of deep commitment to the environment and conservation causes, is the Director of The Fausel Foundation, and CEO of Fausel Companies.  One of his companies, LaMont Limited, is the nation’s foremost manufacturer of wicker furniture for the home.  Voice Assets, another of the Fausel Companies, has a stockholder interest in the Cohen Home Building process – a unique system of building high quality homes of nearly any size in a manufacturing plant without shipping components.

Dr. Fausel is also a principle of the privately-held medical development company Anapole, Inc., which creates cutting edge science, and is currently merging physics and chemistry in the areas of TB, AIDS and other areas of interest.  Buffalo Weaver, another of Dr. Fausel’s companies, is named for an African bird, and is located in Iowa.  This plant manufactures woven papers and other fabrics with high speed specialized looms. Additionally they are work on nano paper technology.  

He was the Chairman of the Environmental Conservancy Group, which until recently held in Fausel ownership two large conservancies in Namibia, Dr. Fausel continues with aim of creating general economic sustainability for humans as well as territorial sustainability for other creatures.  His interest in Africa has stimulated a desire to help its economy grow through other business ventures, as well.  OMIT
Previously, Dr. Fausel served as Founder and President of S.A.A.S. (formerly Lien Tai Hong) which specialized in joint ventures with the People’s Republic of China, and, among other accomplishments, has partnered with China’s official airline, CAAC Air Cargo Division, on numerous projects – his company created in joint venture wireless teaching systems for China in cooperation with Japanese partners.  Dr. Fausel was an early player in China and created original business opportunities for both the United States and China in areas such as the Chicago Chinese Exports expo in 1986. 

When he was not hunting or fishing, Dr. Fausel attended Truman University in Missouri and Missouri Military Academy in Mexico, Missouri.  He served in the military, and was an adjunct professor at West Virginia University.  He has been given membership in Northwestern University’s John Evans Club, and has received an honorary doctorate from The American University of Rome.

Dr. Fausel currently serves on the Advisory Board of the American Foreign Policy Council, and has served on the Board of the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation, and as founding board member, Honorary Chairman and National Spokesperson for the Continental Divide Trail Alliance.  He has served on the Board of the Intermountain West Joint Venture, of the Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Center and been honored by International Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources; served as Honorary Chairman of the Colorado Division of Wildlife Centennial and of the North American Wildlife Enforcement Officers; as Chairman of Physically-challenged Access to the Woods; and as a Board Member and Vice Chairman of the National Forest Foundation.  He has also been a Trustee of the Native American Fish & Wildlife Foundation. 
In his spare time, Dr. Fausel enjoys snow skiing, long distance rifle shooting, and photography, is accomplished in one martial art, and has multiple aircraft type ratings.