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Dr. Lenczowski to discuss Full Spectrum Diplomacy at the Heritage Foundation

On September 20, IWP President John Lenczowski will give a book lecture for Full Spectrum Diplomacy and Grand Strategy: Reforming the Structure and Culture of U.S. Foreign Policy at the Heritage Foundation. 

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From the publisher

Full Spectrum Diplomacy and Grand Strategy: Reforming the Structure and Culture of U.S. Foreign Policy, offers a solution to one of the greatest weaknesses in US foreign policy that has exacerbated the unprecedented anti-Americanism of recent years–the US government’s inability to conduct the “full spectrum” of diplomatic arts and integrate them with the other arts of statecraft at the level of grand strategy.

The analysis presents a critique of how the Department of State’s focus on traditional, government-to-government diplomacy comes at the expense of public diplomacy. “Public diplomacy” is defined in the broadest sense as including all those arts that involve relations with, and influence over, foreign publics and opinion leaders, including cultural diplomacy, exchanges, information policy, strategic communications, psychological strategy, political action, political warfare, and wars of ideas.

Author John Lenczowski, one of the first modern advocates for the strategic integration of all the instruments of national power, calls for the development of an “influence culture” in US foreign policy, and provides a roadmap for reforming the structure and culture of American diplomacy. While addressing contemporary US foreign policy, this study presents lessons in statecraft and grand strategy that are applicable for all times and places. Full Spectrum Diplomacy and Grand Strategy thus raises issues that are relevant to only to diplomats but also to practitioners of intelligence, counterintelligence, military strategy, and economic statecraft.