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Army Ten Miler this weekend: Note from two IWP “Diplomats”

Dear Friends of IWP,

For the last two years, IWP leadership, staff, faculty, students, and alumni have participated in the Army Ten Miler race to raise money for technology and student services at IWP.  Funds raised have gone to improve student services, including new computers for student work stations in the library. 

This Sunday, we are excited to be running for the IWP Diplomats team, and we’ve been training all year. 

Tucker:  I have a full load this semester (16 credit hours), and I’m taking American Founding Principles, Western Moral Tradition, International Relations, Economics for Foreign Policy Makers, and Geography and Strategy.  I decided to run after my knee surgery in April. I had to use a cane with a full leg brace for a month after the surgery, but when I got cleared, I signed up for the race to give me a goal to reach for my recovery and to support the Army and my School.

Derrick: I took 14 hours during the summer semester, and I’m loaded up with 14 more for the fall.  With those academic loads, my wife going to school full-time, and three small kids at home; the only way I’ve been able retain focus and clear my brain for the six papers I have to write is to take the occasional break and go for a run.  So, in addition to keeping me in shape for the Army, my 10-miler training has been helpful to my productivity.  I’m proud to run on the IWP team.  It’s a great school with exceptional faculty and students.

Tucker: With your help, we’re hoping to raise $25,000, which will go towards a new sound system, lectures and events, and student services.  Your donation will help our school in its mission to teach all the arts of statecraft even more effectively.  Please click here to donate. 


Tucker McCormack, IWP Graduate Certificate Candidate, National Security Affairs
Derrick Shaw, IWP M.A. Candidate, Statecraft and National Security Affairs

Ten Miler 2010

Above: Before Army Ten Miler 2010

Jim Holmes and Jason Johnsrud, Army Ten Miler Training 2011 

Above: IWP Director of Student Affairs and Assistant Dean Jason Johnsrud and IWP Vice President for Finance and Administration Jim Holmes training for the Army Ten Miler race on October 9, 2011.

IWP runners before the Ten Miler 2010 

Above: IWP runners before the Army Ten Miler 2010.