LinkedIn tracking pixel publishes three articles by IWP student

Fire in my Hands, translated by Peter TasePeter Tase, a student at The Institute of World Politics, has published three articles on the “Kosovo Info” website ( Kosovo Info is an Albanian-language website that covers a broad range of topics on the Kosovo region, including economy, sports, health, culture, and lifestyle.

Peter’s articles reflect the website’s broad coverage. In June 2011, he published an article on Icelandic Humanism and Romanticism (“Humanizmi dhe Romanticizmi Islandez.”)  The article discusses various writers in Iceland’s humanist and romanticist traditions. On a more political side, he also published an article on US-Pakistan relations (“Pakistani aleati mortal i SHBA-ve”). Peter discusses the various difficulties in this vital, but often problematic, relationship.

Tase also translated the works of the poet Remzi Basha into English. Basha’s poetry collection, Zjarri në duart e mija (Fire in My Hands) was translated by Peter and published in the United States in 2011. The poetry’s great themes are life in captivity, life abroad, and poet’s spiritual ties to his homeland and poetry. Please click here to read more.  The collection is available on