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Message from the Student Governing Council

We, the student body of the Institute of World Politics, in order best to promote the interests and opinions of the student body on all matters that affect our lives, academically and professionally, to promote projects beneficial to the students, and to consider matters of policy and implementation, do hereby establish the Student Government Association.”

After a lengthy semester of debate and discussion, the Student Governing Council (SGC) voted to ratify the Constitution of The Institute of World Politics Student Government Association. Signed on December 3, 2011, the SGA Constitution establishes the working order for the Executive and Legislative Boards, as well as the Student Governing Council. The SGC is proud to have a working constitution and by-laws in order to better serve the student body.

With the ratification of the SGA Constitution, the SGC formally recognizes five student organizations: IWP Student Social ClubActive Measures student journal, the Student Ambassadors program, the “student debate society,” and the “student strategy and war gaming society.” The IWP Student Social Club is the first student led organization, founded Spring 2011. Membership is open to all students, with information found at its Facebook group. Following the Social Club, the student journal, Active Measures, is newly established, and is preparing its first edition for publication this spring. Students are encouraged to submit scholarly articles for publication. The Student Ambassador program is recognized by the SGC; however, it is run through the office of the Institute’s president. Student Ambassadors represent the Institute at extracurricular events hosted by IWP, and are the “face” of the student body. The “student debate society” and “student strategy and war gaming society” are two of the newest recognized student organizations, and are seeking leadership from select students. Interested students can contact any member of the Student Governing Council for more information.

The Student Governing Council will soon be creating a website for students to submit comments, complaints, and suggestions. The website will also provide more details about the activities of the SGC and student organizations.

  • The completion of the fall semester’s administrative duties allows the Student Governing Council to place attention on a list of campaign promises made during the 2011 election cycle.
  • Alumni Support: The SGC envisions future events to “bring alumni home” by reuniting past students with the IWP family.
  • Employment Support: The SGC is seeking to give the Institute recognition as a professional school in Washington, DC, by placing its name on private and public sector employment applications.
  • Technical Support: The SGC is turning attention towards library support by bringing in more computer terminals and study-space. The SGC is also supporting the Institute’s move towards automating registration.

The Student Governing Council is excited to continue representing all IWP students, and would like to invite students to attend one of the Council meetings this spring. The date of the meeting will be scheduled in the near future.

In servitude,

J. Cushman Laurent, Nathaniel Thomas, Kristen Beilman, B.D., and Nancy Berthold
The Student Governing Council