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IWP welcomes its 2012 Student Ambassadors!

2012 Student Ambassadors

IWP is pleased to welcome its Student Ambassadors for 2012!  

Student ambassadors volunteer their time to the office of the Institute’s president. Their main responsibilities involve representing the school at extracurricular campus events and assisting IWP’s guests. As a part of this, student ambassadors are able to network with the many distinguished friends of IWP – including senior leaders from various government agencies, nongovernmental organizations, embassies, and private corporations. 

Dylan Brauer
Enrolled: Fall 2011
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
College: University of Washington
About me: I’m from Texas, went to undergrad in Seattle, and now am living in D.C., so I have been to all coasts! 
Why IWP: After studying abroad in Europe (the Netherlands) for my economics degree, I decided to pursue a degree/career in international relations to relate the two, since, in our shrinking world, economics connects us all. 

Paul M. Butler IV
Enrolled: Fall 2011
Hometown: Niles, Michigan
College: Loyola University Chicago
About me: I’m currently working at an NGO dealing with conflict resolution in Sub-Saharan Africa.  I lived and worked in Tanzania for three months, and am studying international affairs at IWP.  I am interested in joining the Foreign Service to serve as a diplomat in Africa. 
Why IWP: I chose IWP because of the approach to IR, small class size, faculty experience, and career services available to students.

Karissa Chadwick
Enrolled: Fall 2011
Hometown: Anchorage, Alaska
College: New Mexico State University
About me: Growing up an Air Force military brat, meeting new people and explaining different cultures has become second nature.  Being a full time student, my first year at IWP has given me the opportunity to really appreciate D.C.
Why IWP: After attending a large undergrad, I was looking for a more intimate and engaging environment.  We are like a big family.

Sam Gross
Enrolled: Fall 2010
Hometown: Lititz, PA
College: George Washington University
About me: I enjoy classic movies, traveling the world, Cold War history, and sampling international cuisine.
Why IWP: I was intrigued by IWP’s degree programs, but grew to respect and value the experiences of both the professors and my fellow students.  Now, I couldn’t imagine having gone anywhere but IWP. 

Blair Mixon
Enrolled: August 2011
Hometown: Live Oak, Florida
College: North Georgia College and State University
About me: After working on Capitol Hill for over three and a half years, I recently joined the Blank Rome Government Relations team as an analyst. 
Why IWP: IWP professors provide students with real world knowledge of pressing national security and intelligence issues.  The visitors and events speakers give unique perspectives on the world events the students at IWP will face upon graduation. 

Michelle Watson Roscitt
Enrolled: January 2011
Hometown: San Francisco, California
College: In the UK
About me: BA in Political Science, worked for 12 years at British Telecom as VP of International Business.
Why IWP: It is a perfect graduate school for a practical, relevant statecraft and international affairs program, founded in conservative Christian principles!

David Rousch
Enrolled: Spring 2012
Hometown: Plainwall, Michigan
College: Western Michigan University
About me: I am a photographer on the side. 
Why IWP: I wanted a school that offered a program that was applicable to the career world.