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Ambassador Wos participates in discussion on Cuba at AEI

On Thursday, 22 March 2012, Ambassador Aldona Z. Woś – a member of IWP’s Board of Trustees – took part in a panel discussion on Cuba at the American Enterprise Institute. The event was entitled “Hope for Cuba? The Papal Visit, Summit of the Americas, and Cuba’s Future.”

In the context of Pope Benedict XVI’s upcoming visit to communist Cuba (24 – 26 March), Ambassador Woś recalled John Paul II’s famous pilgrimage to Poland in 1979. The Pope’s visit to his homeland, as Ambassador Woś pointed out, inspired the masses of Poles who came out to greet the new Pontiff with a renewed sense of confidence. After all, they now saw that they outnumbered the communists and their janissaries. A major impetus was thus provided toward the formation of the national-liberation movement, “Solidarity,” in 1980. Ambassador Woś expressed the hope that Pope Benedict’s visit to Cuba will contribute to shattering the chains of communist tyranny in that island nation as well.

As a physician, she also shared her observations of the atrocious state of Cuba’s state-run healthcare system, warning of the pitfalls of comparing it with American arrangements.

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In the video below, Ambassador Woś speaks at 17:45 – 32:45 and 1:15:00 – 1:16:10.