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IWP students return from Oxford

In May 2012, nine IWP students left for the United Kingdom to study at the University of Oxford (not Hogwarts, contrary to opinion of our Facebook friends). While there, we received four weeks of tutorials, which involved one-on-one meetings with our professors, where each student would present his or her paper for the session, the professor would critique it, and both would discuss the general topic.

The Oxbridge system (named after Oxford and Cambridge) is a nearly millennium-old tradition, and we learned firsthand why it has lasted so long. Although our session was only a few weeks long, the knowledge and experience we gained through contact and advice with world-class scholars made an indelible impression. We studied subjects ranging from radicalization to British-EU relations to grand strategy, and, whatever the area, the experience was exceptional.

When we arrived at Oxford, we were told that our time there would sharpen our thinking and our pens; we were not disappointed.

Spencer Barrs
Class of 2013

IWP students at Oxford

Oxford 2012