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Richard W. Rahn to teach Economics for Foreign Policy Makers

This fall, IWP welcomes Richard W. Rahn, who will teach one of the sections of Economics for Foreign Policy Makers.  

Mr. Rahn is a senior fellow of the Cato Institute and the Chairman of the Institute for Global Economic Growth.  He is also a weekly economic columnist for The Washington Times, and his column appears in many other newspapers around the world.  Dr. Rahn serves on the editorial board of the Cayman Financial Review and on the Governor of Virginia’s Joint Advisory Board of Economists. 

Previously, Dr. Rahn served as a member of the Board of the Cayman Island Monetary Authority (which regulates the world’s largest off-shore financial center), and Vice President and Chief Economist of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States.  He was the founder of the Novecon companies, including Sterling Semiconductor, now owned by Dow Corning. 

He has written hundreds of articles for leading newspapers, has contributed to numerous books and professional journals, and is the former Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Economic Growth.  Dr. Rahn has taught at a number of universities, testified before the U.S. Congress on economic issues more than seventy-five times, and is a frequent commentator on radio and TV. 

He served as an economic advisor to numerous high-level government officials around the world, including former Prime Minister Gaidar in Russia, and President George H.W. Bush in the 1988 campaign, and as the co-chairman of the Bulgarian Economic Growth and Transition Project. 

He holds Ph.D. from Columbia University, and was awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws by Pepperdine University.