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Patriot Day message from John Lenczowski

Dear Friends of IWP,

Today is September 11, and it is the 11th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on our country. We have been at war now for over a decade, and, although we have not suffered a repetition of these attacks, we still live with enormous uncertainty and the potential threat that large numbers of innocent Americans could once again become victims of Islamist fanaticism.

Unfortunately, the current electoral campaigns – which normally would offer the American people an excellent opportunity for education about the issues and challenges that we face in our national security policy – have not used this teachable moment to address adequately the challenges that we continue to face when we are still at war, not only in Afghanistan, but in the larger political contest with the radical ideology that animated the terrible attacks on our country.

We still have a grave responsibility as a nation to ensure that those who have sacrificed their lives, limbs, and good health did not do so in vain. Discharging this responsibility, above all, requires moral and strategic clarity about what this conflict is all about and what are the optimal ways to prevail.

We have become very skilled at fighting terrorists militarily.  As we attempt to hunt down those who have attacked or would attack our country, we have also neglected the fundamental political dimension underlying this conflict, namely, the radicalization process which produces new terrorists. This radicalization process is a problem of disinformation, propaganda, radical ideology, and extremist religious doctrine, which can only be fought with non-military weapons.

These are the arts of statecraft, which we at IWP almost uniquely address amongst academic and research institutions in the United States.

We remain determined to do what we can in the educational field to contribute to the protection of our most rare and precious national inheritance that has been bestowed upon us, and we remember with gratitude the sacrifices that have been made by those who have contributed to this cause.


John Lenczowski
Founder and President