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Remembering Ambassador Christopher Stevens: A Friend, Colleague and Patriot

The following words are written by an anonymous IWP student.

9/11 was marked with sorrow as I, along with the rest of Americans, remembered the attack on our nation over one decade ago. I hoped I would never experience a day like that again. Sadly today, I was woken up at the news of the killing of my friend and former colleague Ambassador Chris Stevens. I had the opportunity of working with Chris in a number of capacities across the Middle East and North Africa.

I believe that Chris would want to be remembered for his efforts to spread democracy, humanity, bring about justice to the victimized, ensure our security and offer opportunity to people who have endured long suffering. Chris believed that the American way of life was the best way of life. He did what he could to offer support and spread our ideals to a deeply troubled region. He was extremely charismatic and I remember how anytime he spoke the entire room would listen. He had tremendous knowledge of the Middle East, admiration for the culture, and respect for those he worked with. Chris was an ideal diplomat and always cared deeply for the work he did. 

As students at IWP, we have a responsibility to understand the security, politics and relations we have with these countries and emerging governments. We have a responsibility to look at the impact Chris and others like him who risk their lives to go into the heart of a conflict have and are striving for in their work. The conflicts in the Middle East are complex and deep-rooted. The political and security landscapes should be carefully examined before we make judgments that could alter and shape our policies. Think of what impact you can have in your careers on preventing the tragedies we have faced.

Many questions of the attack on our diplomats and consulate in Benghazi have yet to be answered, and time will likely reveal more details of what actually occurred there. But for the moment, I ask that we pray for those killed to rest in peace and strength for those whom they have left behind.


A Caring Student
The Institute of Wold Politics