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In Memoriam: Kathryn W. Davis, DHL HON 2007

Dear Friends,

The Institute of World Politics has lost one of its most outstanding honorary graduates, Kathryn Wasserman Davis (Doctorate of Laws Honoris Causa 2007). No one was more devoted to world peace.

At 106 years, she continued not only to be aware of efforts to promote world peace but to be an active participant in the quest for peace in the world. At 100, she founded an initiative for world peace which continues. Mrs. Davis was a great friend of the Institute whom we will always remember.

Please click here for an In Memoriam article about Mrs. Davis.



The Board of Trustees, Faculty, and Staff of The Institute of World Politics
Owen T. Smith, Chairman, John Lenczowski, President

Kathryn Davis receiving an honorary doctorate at IWP, 2007

Photo: Chairman Owen Smith and President John Lenczowski with Diana Spencer (daughter of Kathryn Davis), Kathryn W. Davis, and Abby Moffat (granddaughter of Kathryn Davis and current IWP Trustee).