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Dr. Jack Tierney to speak at World Political Forum in Istanbul

Dr. John J. Tierney will be representing The Institute of World Politics at the 3rd Annual World Political Forum in Istanbul, Turkey.  The World Political Forum welcomes international and local leaders, politicians, business leaders, economists, academicians, religious and opinion leaders.  It provides a platform to discuss political, economic, and social issues on a global level.

At the conference, Dr. Tierney looks forward to representing IWP and giving the school exposure on a global scale.  He plans to share the mission and philosophy of the school with conference participants.

In addition, he looks forward to “Getting to know people from across cultural areas and understanding and appreciating their perspectives… I think it will be a good intellectual exercise.”

The Forum hosts dozens of panel discussions on topics ranging from Syria’s political and humanitarian issues to safe water and sanitation to a new era of social and digital media.  This year, Dr. Tierney will be on a panel to discuss “Peace at Home, Peace in the World: Global Security,” on June 28.  He will be joined on the panel by former IWP commencement speaker and former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Mr. James Woolsey.

-Sierra Wright
IWP Intern