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John Lenczowski promoted to Chancellor at IWP



Washington, D.C., July 2, 2013 – The Board of Trustees of The Institute of World Politics is pleased to announce the advancement of Dr. John Lenczowski to the post of Chancellor. Dr. Lenczowski is the Founder and President of the independent, Washington D.C.-based graduate school, a school of national security and international affairs.

Dr. Lenczowski will remain President during the search for a successor and will assume his new title and responsibilities upon the installation of the new President. He will be an active participant in the search and selection process.

“This new position will give me the opportunity, for the first time in 23 years of building the school, to focus more on intellectual activities rather than administrative ones,” said Dr. Lenczowski. “I look forward to continuing to guide the strategic direction of our curriculum, build our faculty, explore entrepreneurial and partnership opportunities for the school, conduct external representation, and protect and solidify the mission of IWP.”

Owen T. Smith, Chairman of the Institute’s Board, noted: “The new Chancellor’s responsibilities will allow Dr. Lenczowski to play a larger role in the public square and in the academic world in representing the school and its unique approach to the conduct of statecraft and leadership development.”

The Institute of World Politics is an accredited graduate school offering five Master’s degrees and sixteen Graduate Certificate Programs in various aspects of national security, intelligence, full-spectrum diplomacy, and statecraft. About half of its students are mid-career professionals from the various foreign affairs, defense, intelligence, and other government agencies, the armed forces, non-governmental organizations, and private industry, and half are recent college graduates seeking careers in these fields. The school’s mission is to develop strong leaders with a sound understanding of international realities and the ethical conduct of the many arts of statecraft, with knowledge and appreciation of American founding principles and the Western moral tradition.

Dr. Lenczowski founded IWP in 1990, after working in the State Department and the National Security Council, where he served for four years as the principal Soviet affairs advisor to President Reagan. He also taught at Georgetown University for 15 years. He founded IWP to fill gaps–both in government and the academy–in knowledge and strategic integration of the many arts of statecraft–the use of all the instruments of national power, including military strategy, diplomacy, public diplomacy, strategic communications, political warfare, intelligence, counterintelligence, economic statecraft, and others. IWP has a faculty of scholar-practitioners who have practiced what they teach.

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