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New course on Human Intelligence to be offered for the fall semester

Humint, 180x190This fall, The Institute of World Politics is launching a new course on Human Intelligence (HUMINT), which will be taught by Luis Rueda, a Senior Intelligence Officer with 28 of years experience in the CIA’s Clandestine Service.

The course will introduce students to all aspects of HUMINT, from its basic operational tradecraft to its place in modern national security policy.  

“In this course, we will explore the world of HUMINT, taking the students from dark and dank back alleys of foreign capitals to the corridors of power in Washington,” says Prof. Rueda.  “The course will center on what HUMINT is, how it is conducted, its challenges and tragedies, as well as some of its great successes.  The student will leave the course with a greater understanding of the importance of HUMINT and the world of espionage.”

The course will put HUMINT in its place among other intelligence disciplines and will provide students with a basic grounding in the principles of recruiting and handling human sources.  Students will also explore the contemporary challenges to conducting human intelligence operations.  

“The United States has historically excelled in technical intelligence, and has long needed a greater emphasis on human intelligence,” says IWP founder and president John Lenczowski.  “This course, taught by a master in the field, will provide a sound conceptual foundation for future professional work in this vital field.” 

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