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Five new Army War College Fellows join IWP for 2013-14

The Institute of World Politics is pleased to welcome five new Army War College Fellows for the 2013-14 school year. This is the fifth year in which IWP has hosted Army War College Fellows, and it is the first year that Army chaplains will join the program. The chaplains are CH (COL) Alan Pomaville and CH (LTC) John Kallerson, and the other three fellows are COL Joel Price, LTC Jeffrey Carter, and LTC Lisa Courtney. These fellows are joining COL Brian J. Mennes, who will continue as a fellow at IWP through fall 2013.

During the school year, the fellows will participate in the academic life of the school and complete research projects for the Army. Their experience at IWP will be considered the functional equivalent of the Army War College experience.

The Army War College Fellows began at IWP the first week of September, and they have offices located on the second floor of Bently Hall.

Army Senior Fellows September 2013