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Four new courses to be offered for the spring semester

US China relations 444x718This spring, the Institute will offer four new courses: Counterterrorism and the Democracies (IWP 669);  Peace Through Development: Deterring Terror and Building Alliances (IWP 670); The U.S.-China Strategic Relationship (IWP 671); and Crisis Management and Decisionmaking (IWP 672).

IWP’s former Terrorism and Counterterrorism course has now been divided into two separate courses in order to cover all of the very extensive territory: the new Counterterrorism and the Democracies course (IWP 669) and a course on Terrorism (IWP 633).  It will be taught this spring by Prof. Chris Harmon, one of the nation’s foremost experts in the field.  

The Peace through Development course will be taught by Al Santoli, a longtime practitioner in development aid who originally learned this art in the context of counterinsurgency warfare.  He will teach this course in the tradition of the legendary General Edward Lansdale, who was one of the modern era’s seminal masters of this art.  The course will include several guest lecturers, all of whom have been practitioners in different dimensions of peacebuilding and counterterrorism.  

The course on the US-China Strategic Relationship is the next in a forthcoming series of courses on China and the security challenges it presents to the East Asian region and ultimately the United States.  This course will cover the history of US-China relations, as well as contemporary developments.  It will be taught by Amb. Joseph DeTrani, who is joining the faculty this spring.

Crisis Management and Decisionmaking adds a special new dimension to that part of IWP’s curriculum that addresses the national security policy process and the conduct of strategy.  Prof. John Tsagronis’ service at the National Security Council gives him special qualifications to teach this course on the basis of firsthand knowledge.

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