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IWP welcomes Joseph DeTrani and Al Santoli to the faculty

Two new faculty members will be joining the Institute for the spring semester: Amb. Joseph DeTrani and Al Santoli.

Amb. Joseph DeTraniAmb. DeTrani, currently president of the Intelligence and National Security Alliance, will teach IWP’s new course on the US-China Strategic Relationship (IWP 671).

Amb. DeTrani has had a long and distinguished career in the CIA, having served, among other capacities, as William J. Casey’s executive assistant, followed by senior positions in postings to China and other East Asia countries, including director of the Political and Psychological Staff and director of East Asia Operations. He also happens to be one of America’s foremost authorities on North Korea, and has served in very sensitive diplomatic capacities with the rank of Ambassador concerning North Korea.

He comments, “It will be an honor working with the staff and students at IWP.”

Peace through Development, 444x718  Photo courtesy of Asia America InitiativeProf. Santoli, founder and president of Asia America Initiative, a humanitarian aid organization with headquarters in Washington, D.C. and field offices in Manila and war-torn Mindanao in the Philippines, will teach the Institute’s course on Peace Through Development: Deterring Terror and Building Alliances (IWP 670).  Prof. Santoli is a longtime practitioner in development aid who originally learned this art in the context of counterinsurgency warfare.

“After many years of conducting Development for Peace programs in some of the most impoverished and violence prone communities in the world, I am very grateful to IWP for this opportunity,” says Prof. Santoli. “I look forward to sharing with students some best practices for integrated civil relations and bridging cultures as integrated components of statecraft. Ultimately, it is not the amount of firepower or money spent, but respect for culture, history and human relations–grassroots diplomacy–that often determines the outcome.”

“We are enormously pleased to welcome Joe and Al to the IWP faculty,” says IWP founder and president John Lenczowski. “Both have rendered extraordinary service to our country and the cause of peace.”