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Personal library of the late Professor Brian Kelley donated to IWP

Brian Kelley Books 444x718Over 396 books from the late Professor Brian Kelley’s personal collection have been donated to the library at The Institute of World Politics.

Prof. Kelley, who taught counterintelligence courses at the Institute, had a distinguished career in the Air Force and CIA. He had been involved in a number of historic espionage cases and shared his experience with his students at IWP.

“Professor Kelley was every bit a teacher as he was a mentor,” remembers Rebekah Stroman, Class of 2010. “He sought to instill an appreciation of counterintelligence in his classes, which he did easily through his gifted teaching and ‘story-telling’ skills. But I’m not sure if he was aware that the students learned the most about the subject matter because of his shining example of humility and courage under fire.

“He lived what he taught, but he never let it consume him. Professor Kelley remained true to his values and, I believe, is one of the finest examples of an American patriot. He could talk to you privately about the ins and outs of the greatest counterintelligence cases in recent history, and in the next instant ask you how your career was progressing and how your loved ones were fairing. He never forgot the details and he never failed to make each of us feel as if we truly mattered and could make a difference in this world. And for that, he was deeply admired and dearly loved.”

“We are honored to receive this gift,” commented Dmitry Kulik, IWP Library Director. “This special collection will allow students to experience at least a small part of Prof. Kelley’s intellectual legacy.”

Please click here for Prof. Kelley’s obituary in the Washington Times, and eulogy by IWP President John Lenczowski

Brian Kelley Books Library 444x718