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Career seminars propel students to success

Career Services 2This semester, IWP students have learned about FBI intelligence operations from an alumnus who works there.  They have attended a career session with an alumnus who works as an intelligence analyst at the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity.  They have learned more about how to succeed in defense contracting from a fellow student who has served in Army Special Forces and now works as a contractor, and about how the DIA operates from one of our alumni who serves as an intelligence analyst there.

These events are all part of IWP’s Career Services offerings. 

“Many students come to the Institute to break into the field of national security or international affairs or to gain expertise that will move them ahead in the jobs they already have,” said Derrick Dortch, Director of Career Services.  “We try to gear our events and other career services to help them succeed.”

Other seminars have helped educate students about careers in counterterrorism, how the DoD and US Military work in times of war and peace, resume writing, acing an interview, getting a security clearance, career fair success strategies, and conducting an effective job and internship search.

In addition, recruiters from the Secret Service, CIA and the Maryland Army National Guard visited IWP.  The career services program also invited Brigadier General Thomas Draude, USMC (Ret.) to give a talk on successfully conducting information, psychological, and military deception operations.

“The Career Seminars have been critical in helping me understand exactly what I need to do, and how to do it, to get my foot in the door in the Federal Government,” commented one student in IWP’s Strategic Intelligence Studies program.  “The coaching on where to look for openings in this terrible market and how to target my resume for results has been truly invaluable.”

In addition to these seminars, Career Services offers individual career counseling to help students prepare resumes, prepare for interviews, or decide what their next career move should be.

“Thanks to Derrick Dortch, I obtained a direct hire for an intelligence policy position at the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis,” says Mallorie Marino, who since has decided that working at IWP better suits the needs of her family. “Derrick’s approach to building one’s resume is invaluable in that he understands what the Intelligence Community (IC) is looking for and aptly guides you throughout the process while encouraging great effort to ensure it is something of which you can be proud. As a volunteer for his career fairs, I was given exclusive access to IC employers, which proved to be invaluable as well.”

Please click here to learn more about IWP career services.