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Fall internship ends with awards ceremony

Interns Fall 2013 444x718As IWP students completed their last finals, interns were wrapping up their semester, which concluded with an awards ceremony on December 13.

After a few words by Director of Graduate Recruitment Tim Stebbins, Stephen DiDomenico, who ran the internship program this semester, spoke about each intern. 

He described the research Haley Ashcom did in conjunction with our Army Senior Fellow COL Brian Mennes, Pawel Pawlowski and Karolina Dobrowolska’s work with the Kosciuszko Chair of Polish Studies, the research Gabriela Valerio and Sheila Vilanilam did with Prof. John Tsagronis on corporate and cyber statecraft respectively, Jacob Barrett’s work on Amb. Thomas Melady’s new book, and Paul van der Bas’ work with Prof. Tierney.  Intern Lorenzo Vermigli was also recognized, although he was unable to attend the ceremony as he had an early flight back to his native Italy.

“You were some of the best interns we’ve had,” commented Stephen.  “We are delighted that Haley, Paul, and Gabriela will join us for another semester.”

This semester, interns had the opportunity to tour the Pentagon and audit classes on topics like human intelligence collection, terrorism, international relations, and American founding principles. They also wrote news stories for the website and Student Government Association Newsletter, in addition to administrative work at the front desk, in the recruitment office, and in the development office.  In addition, they had the opportunity to attend lectures are surrounding universities and think tanks, as well as take in the historical and cultural aspects of D.C.

 “The best thing about IWP is the people,” commented Sheila after the ceremony. “It has been a joy to come into work.”

At the ceremony, John Lenczowski, President of IWP, thanked the interns for their intellectual and administrative work this fall.  Noah Rudolph, Executive Vice President, commended the interns for their work this semester, and noted that their work has been instrumental in helping IWP succeed in its mission.