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Reflections on the IWP internship, by Haley Ashcom

Haley Ashcom and COL Brian MennesMy semester at IWP has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. I was privileged with the opportunity to act as research assistant to Army War College Fellow COL Brian Mennes, who most recently completed roughly six consecutive years commanding, leading an Airborne Battalion, a Ranger Battalion and the 4th Brigade, 82d Airborne Division.

During my time aiding COL Mennes, I conducted research on National Security reform, interagency coordination, successes and failures of AFRICOM, and many other related subjects to help in his publication for Army War College. On top of contributing to this impressive publication, I was able to attend two tours and U.S. Army briefings at the Pentagon, conduct interviews with important military and governmental officials, and attend events, such as the Azerbaijani Embassy Gala, that helped me to create an outstanding network for myself.

At IWP, the interns are significant in helping IWP function, and we are treated as such. Throughout the semester I was able to develop relationships with faculty, staff, and students that will be sustained and appreciated in the long run.

The Institute of World Politics is a phenomenal institution that has positively changed my outlook and goals for the future. As an undergraduate senior, I would be honored to attend IWP for my Master’s because spending one semester immersing myself in its culture, I simply cannot imagine developing my skills anywhere else.

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