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COL Brian Mennes completes Army fellowship at IWP

John Lenczowski and Brian Mennes 444x718COL Brian Mennes, who had joined The Institute of World Politics as a US Army War College Fellow at the beginning of 2013, completed his fellowship this December.

The research project that he conducted during his time at IWP, entitled “Security Reform beyond the Project on National Security Reform,” explores how different parts of the government can work together more effectively to implement a comprehensive national security strategy.

COL Mennes was honored in a ceremony that took place at IWP on December 20, where he was presented a certificate of completion of the fellowship program. During the ceremony, COL Mennes gave some brief remarks, expressing appreciation for his experiences at IWP. He discussed the value of engagement with other peoples, working to soften people’s hearts, and teamwork.

COL Mennes presented IWP with a special print depicting operations in Zhari, Afghanistan, where US and Afghan forces were working together against the Taliban.

IWP President John Lenczowski thanked COL Mennes for his contributions to the academic life of the school this past year, and noted that COL Mennes represents the high caliber of officers that the U.S. Army sends to study at the Institute.