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IWP passes ED “Financial Responsibility” test with flying colors

Globe and Book 444x718The U.S. Department of Education has recently released the results of a “financial responsibility” test of 1,855 degree-granting institutions in the United States.  The Institute of World Politics achieved the highest score possible, a 3.0.

All schools that accept federal financial aid are required to participate in this analysis. 

“We are extremely pleased with the progress that IWP has made in this area,” comments LaNae Herrera, Director of Financial Aid at the Institute.

This analysis, which is based on FY 2012 audited financial statements, examines factors such as net worth, operating losses, and the relationship of assets to liabilities, and rates schools on a scale of negative 1.0 to positive 3.0.  Schools with scores of 1.5 to 3.0 pass.  For the 2012 fiscal year, 168 institutions failed this financial responsibility test.  The Institute is one of only a few schools in Washington, D.C. that received the highest rating.

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