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New Strategic Fellows Program to be offered this summer

Chess 444x718The Institute of World Politics is pleased to offer the Strategic Fellows Program, a competitive 21-day broadening opportunity for company grade officers and senior NCOs. The program will provide a guided introduction to development of national security policy at the strategic and federal level.

IWP’s expert scholar-practitioners will guide future top military officers through graduate level lectures and experiential activities in the National Capital Region. Fellows will learn about the importance of communication skills and publishing as part of their career development.

The Washington, D.C. setting provides the opportunity to meet policy makers and senior leaders as well as visit local historic monuments, museums, and other landmarks.

Founder and president of the Institute John Lenczowski comments: “Given that this is the era of the ‘strategic corporal’, where military personnel of any rank can have a strategic effect, it is important that ever-larger numbers of military service men and women learn about the larger strategic context in which they operate. This is what the participants in this new program will study, adding to their already-rich experience at the tactical and sometimes operational levels.”

Soldiers who would like to deepen their understanding of national security policy and strategy are encouraged to apply.

Dates, Summer 2014:
13 July 2014 – 2 August 2014

Dr. Tania C. Mastrapa