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Scholarships help students succeed at IWP and beyond

Book and Apple 444x718When students come to IWP, opportunities for professional, academic, and personal growth abound.  Scholarships help students free up valuable time to focus on academics, spend more time with IWP faculty members and fellows, pursue internships, network, and take advantage of other career opportunities. 

“It is the Institute’s goal to award about 15-20% of our revenue in scholarships annually,” comments Jason Johnsrud, Vice President for Student Affairs.

IWP offers several different scholarships, including the prestigious Presidential Scholarship — a full-tuition scholarship offered to highly qualified Master of Arts candidates who fully embody the mission of the school.  The competitive Statesman Scholarships cover up to $6,600 off tuition per semester, and Institute Scholarships cover the cost of one course per semester.

“Having any scholarship helps students relieve some of the burden of attending an institution of higher learning,” comments S.M., a candidate for IWP’s M.A. in Statecraft and National Security Affairs with a specialization in Intelligence.* 

“At IWP, a scholarship takes on a whole new meaning.  With the tight-knit community of students and faculty, an array of exciting and interesting classes, and the knowledge that each scholarship recipient has been granted a special and limited opportunity, having an IWP scholarship is really quite an honor.  This creates a fantastic opportunity to excel at IWP, to relieve some of the stress of paying for classes, and maybe — for the truly adventurous — to add a few extra classes taught by some exceptional professors.”

The Scholarship Committee will meet in April, and all applicants interested in receiving a scholarship for summer or fall 2014 should submit applications for admission by April 15

If you have additional questions about IWP scholarships, please contact Jason Johnsrud at


*This student’s full name is excluded for security purposes.