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Dr. Matthew Daniels to teach new course on Human Rights and Counter-Radicalization

Matt Daniels 444x718A new course on Human Rights and Counter-Radicalization (IWP 673) will be taught by human rights expert Matthew Daniels.

Dr. Daniels is the founder of Good of All, a global public education movement committed to using digital and social media to promote the universal human rights. At IWP, he will head the new Center for Human Rights and International Affairs, an academic center created through a partnership with Good of All.

“Matt has resurrected a timeless idea about human rights and the dignity of the human person that has been forgotten in much of the world and which is perfect for the turbulent times in which we live,” comments John Lenczowski, founder and president of the Institute. “His knowledge of law, philosophy, and politics and his experience in running an international NGO make him an excellent addition to our faculty.”

The course taught by Dr. Daniels will introduce the morally, legally and politically strategic terrain of human rights in the context of both international relations and national security. The course addresses issues of both human rights theory and practice. It is designed to give students an understanding of those questions of theory that have a direct bearing on the ability of policy practitioners to accomplish their mission.

The course will then examine how the evolution of the landscape of human rights in the Digital Age has tremendous significance for both international relations and national security. Special attention will be given to the rise of militant political Islam and the role that human rights can play in countering the challenges posed by Islamism for both international and national security – particularly with respect to the rise of a new generation of Muslim digital natives both in Europe and Muslim majority societies.

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