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New certificates in Conflict Prevention and Corporate Statecraft to be offered at IWP



International Flags 444x718The Institute is pleased to announce two new Certificates of Graduate Study: a Certificate in Conflict Prevention and a Certificate in Corporate Statecraft.

The Certificate in Conflict Prevention examines various methods of detecting, preventing, and mitigating different types of international, inter-tribal, and other civil conflicts which may have international sources and implications. 

“Too often, attempts at conflict prevention and peacebuilding are based on unrealistic, if not utopian, assumptions about what may well be a nonexistent harmony of interests,” comments John Lenczowski, founder and president of the Institute.  “This program deals with the world the way it really is, rather than the way we wish it to be.”

Its curriculum explores both theory and practice: the most useful and effective understandings of the nature of peace, and how it is based on proper concepts of building human community and political order; how to handle the strategic environment in failed and failing states as well as those with regions torn by civil conflict; how to conduct various forms of strategic engagement through public diplomacy, foreign assistance, the development of relationships of trust; how to navigate the ideological and religious terrain in ways that can prevent or mitigate radicalization; and the role and record of exporting democratic ideas and institutions to prevent and mitigate conflict.

The Corporate Statecraft certificate provides an introduction to the political challenges corporations face abroad: the problems of dealing with and influencing different types of regimes; forecasting and coping with political instability; calculating political risks; protecting intellectual property and national security secrets from foreign intelligence threats; and how U.S. government agencies address foreign commercial issues in the context of their larger diplomatic, intelligence, and military missions. It also explains the national security and foreign policy processes in the Executive Branch, the role of Congress, and the roles of government agencies involved in the financial and regulatory realms; and how to optimize public-private partnerships in ways that maximize both vital national interests and corporate interests.

“Corporate executives face special challenges in navigating the global strategic environment, as well as how the U.S. government addresses various international issues,” comments Dr. Lenczowski.  “This certificate program can be of significant help in understanding and working within these environments.”

This program will be useful for corporate executives who are involved in international business or who are involved in the national security business, as well as government executives who must interact with corporations in contracting work and public-private partnerships to achieve national policy goals.

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