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New Homeland Security specialization added to MA in Statecraft and National Security Affairs

U.S. Navy Blue Ridge-class command ship; a Royal Danish Navy Absalon-class support ship; a Royal Netherlands Navy De Zeven Provincien-class anti-air warfare destroyer; a German Navy Brandenburg-class frigate; and a Swedish corvetteThe Institute of World Politics has added a new specialization in Homeland Security to its Master of Arts program in Statecraft and National Security Affairs. 

“One of the great challenges in creating a unified, coherent, and effective Department of Homeland Security and in integrating other arms of government in the homeland security mission has been to develop a capability of strategic thinking in this field — a field which has not normally been associated with the kind of systematic strategic thinking that is done primarily in the Department of Defense,” says IWP founder and president John Lenczowski.  “This program is designed to begin to address this challenge.” 

The new specialization will require students to take IWP’s Foundations of Homeland Security course (IWP 664), which examines the challenges of homeland security at the strategic level.  This specialization also requires three elective courses in such subjects as counterterrorism, counterintelligence, immigration and national security, emerging threats, cyber statecraft, and American intelligence. 

Now is the time to study homeland security, according to Prof. James Carafano, who teaches the course on this topic.  He comments: “With the resurgence of instability around the world, we will never know when to expect violence to come back to our doorstep.  It is better to be morally and intellectually prepared for the challenge now than when the bang happens.”

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