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Dr. J. Phillip London discusses “Character: The Ultimate Success Factor”


On Thursday, June 26, Dr. J. Phillip “Jack” London visited IWP to discuss his new book, Character: The Ultimate Success Factor. Dr. London, Chairman of the Board and Executive Chairman of CACI International, broadly outlined where we are “getting off track” as a society, what it means to have character, and how to promote character both in ourselves and in our society.

In one example, Dr. London highlighted that GM’s cover-up of design flaws led to 13 deaths, whereas accountability could have saved those lives. The character of organizations, individuals, and governments shapes the national character and, in turn, impacts our national security.

Dr. London defined character as “a unique set of moral and ethical qualities that define what you believe in… what you stand for… and what you expect of yourself and others.” He went on to add that: “it’s also about integrity, values, and ‘doing the right thing.'” Deficits in trust, accountability, and leadership today are primarily responsible for the decline in character. Dr. London recalled the false accusations against CACI with regards to mistreatment of prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison, and that CACI’s organizational character allowed it to weather the storm.

J.W. Marriott once said, “Success is a combination of many things, but a good character is the foundation of the kind of success that will bring you real happiness.” Dr. London concluded by reminding everyone that character is a work in progress, and calling each individual to action.

Dr. London announced that all royalties from sales would go to CAUSE, a charity supporting wounded Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, where he currently serves as a charter member of their Board of Directors. IWP was honored to host Dr. London and wishes him luck as he continues to fight for robust national and individual character.

For more information or to support CAUSE, please visit their website at

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Michael Pitstick
Intern and Research Assistant, IWP