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Dr. Douglas Streusand discusses careers and international affairs during intern luncheon

Intern lunch with Prof. Douglas Streusand, Fall 2014On October 2nd, the fall intern class had the privilege of attending a faculty lunch lecture with Dr. Douglas Streusand, where he discussed career opportunities and international affairs.

Dr. Streusand, a professor at Marine Corps Command and Staff College and adjunct professor at IWP, detailed his career as a historian and professor to present the interns with possible career routes upon completion of undergraduate and graduate study.  Dr. Streusand has a passion for the study and teaching of Islam; he believes passion should be a key deciding factor in choosing a career path.

After presenting career advice, Dr. Streusand lectured about relevant topics in international affairs, including the ISIS threat in the Middle East and the current state of our perennial rivals China and Russia.  Dr. Streusand impressed upon the interns that the United States will remain the perennial world power, as other major countries like China have severe disadvantages limiting their future progress, including issues that range from environmental to demographic issues.  He says with all these disadvantages considered, we should have no lingering doubts about the strength of the United States.    

The valuable advice and wisdom he imparted was memorable, and we are appreciative of the time Dr. Streusand spent with us.

-Lucas Whited