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John Lenczowski discusses international business at Oklahoma Wesleyan

IWP president John Lenczowski gave a presentation to a group of investment advisors on the implications of doing business with foreign powers that are doing us ill at the Inaugural Advisor Training at the National Security Investment Consultants Institute (NSIC) at Oklahoma Wesleyan University.  

Dr. Lenczowski’s remarks focused mainly on China.  He noted that U.S. commercial policy towards China continues to be based on unrealistic hopes that commerce and economic reforms will bring about political reform and greater democracy.  The problem is that the Chinese Communist Party retains a total monopoly on political power.  China, he said, deceives the world that its political genetic code has changed, and has massive cultural diplomacy, propaganda, political warfare, and covert influence operations being conducted in the United States.  

He noted that international commerce is a large part of this effort and is designed to enable the vast Chinese military buildup.  China has a global strategy of securing natural resources and controlling naval chokepoints.  China’s international commerce is also the nucleus of a vast espionage effort, which, combined with cyber operations, involves the greatest theft of intellectual property in world history.  China has also been involved in making U.S. business leaders become de facto lobbyists in Congress for Chinese interests.  

The result, Dr. Lenczowski argued, is the political neutralization of the U.S. business community — a phenomenon that makes it ever more difficult for influential circles in the U.S. to acknowledge China’s threat to our vital national security interests.