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Derrick Dortch speaks on career development panel for women veterans

On November 10, IWP Career Director Derrick Dortch spoke at a workshop on Preparing Women Veterans for Meaningful Employment, an event that was held as part of the Business and Professional Women’s Foundation career development forum in partnership with Redbook. 

During his remarks, Mr. Dortch stressed the importance of self-assessment. He advised his listeners to ask themselves what their passions, technical expertise, and personality traits are.  If you are still in school or thinking of applying to graduate school, he noted, it is useful to think about the agencies, organizations, or companies where you are interested in working.  At this point, you can look at their target issues and conduct your own research on these issues while you are in school. 

When asked about resumes, Mr. Dortch recommended preparing a “career success portfolio.”  This portfolio should include a table of contents, a targeted resume, and samples of your work such as research papers or articles, and recommendations which he called a “praise section.” Mr. Dortch stated that success stories are critical, and should include details about the situation, actions you took, and results that occurred because of your actions. 

The whole discussion can be viewed in the video below.