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IWP joins Yellow Ribbon Program to assist student veterans

Yellow RibbonThe Institute of World Politics is pleased to announce that, as of the spring 2015 semester, it is the newest participant in the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Yellow Ribbon Program.  Through this program, IWP is partnering with the VA to provide additional aid to assist in covering all mandatory tuition and fee costs for veterans. 

Participation in this program is part of IWP’s effort to strengthen its commitment to help its veteran student population transition into civilian/student life.  This particular program will allow student veterans to pursue their education with fewer financial constraints. 

To honor our nation’s veterans, IWP has chosen to participate in this Yellow Ribbon Program at the $5,000 level.  Eligible veteran students will be able to receive institutional-based aid up to $5,000 (or the total cost of attendance for the academic year) with the Department of Veteran Affairs matching those funds to cover cost. 

“Many of the Institute’s students, staff, and faculty are veterans,” comments IWP Executive Vice President Noah Rudolph, who has served in the Marine Corps.  “We have one of the largest contingents of Senior Army War College Fellows in the entire country, and we treasure our relationship with the military.  Our commitment to the Yellow Ribbon Program is one way that we honor this relationship.”

To learn more about this program, please click here or contact Director of Financial Aid, TJ Snowden, at