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Dr. Tania Mastrapa quoted on seized property in Cuba

The Sun Sentinel recently quoted IWP research professor Dr. Tania Mastrapa, an expert specializing in Communist and post-Communist property reform, in its article entitled “Cuban exiles seek compensation for seized property.”

The article, written by William E. Gibson, explores the plight of Florida families whose property, businesses, or savings were lost due to the oppression of the Cuban Communist regime.  Dr. Mastrapa’s citation referenced the experience of similarly disadvantaged individuals, specifically those from former communist countries in Eastern Europe. In analyzing payments in retribution for confiscated property, Dr. Mastrapa mentioned that “They (post-Communist governments) generally paid owners pennies on the dollar… If you are wise and you really want your country to move forward, you resolve these issues.”

She also commented on President Obama’s decision to omit negotiations regarding similarly seized Cuban property before the anticipated rapprochement. “Had that been put on the table as a must-have before we moved forward, perhaps there would have been an agreement.”

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