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Remembering General Jajko: Patriot, Scholar, Mentor, and Friend

SGA honoring General Jajko and Amb. Melady 444x718The Student Government Association is pleased to announce the completion of two projects to commemorate IWP’s late professor, General Walter Jajko.  A dedicated professor and strategist to the end, General Jajko was thinking of the needs of his Military Strategy students even during his last days in the hospital last fall.

Last November, the SGA began accepting donations with the intention of using the funds for a project to honor the General. Due to the generosity of IWP students, faculty, staff, and friends, the Student Lounge will now have a wall to memorialize professors who have passed away. Memorial pieces for both General Jajko and Ambassador Thomas Melady will hang here shortly.

Additionally, The Institute of World Politics Press has produced a second printing of General Jajko’s monograph, Military Strategy: Thoughts Toward a Critique. This work well synthesizes the overall principles and concepts that the General wished to convey to his students. The monographs will be given to IWP’s Military Strategy students for at least the next five years, and will help to ensure that his thoughts and knowledge will continue through the students of IWP.

The Student Government Association thanks every person who contributed to General Jajko’s Memorial Fund.

This piece was originally published in the student-run newsletter, Denial and Deception.