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IWP offers new writing development opportunity for students

Pen Pad and Book 444x718The Institute of World Politics educates future and current professionals in national security and international affairs in the skills and ideas they need to thrive. In understanding the challenges of upper management in government or the private sector (in particular, the deluge of papers that greets leaders when they arrive at work in the morning), it becomes clear that clear and concise writing is necessary to communicate crucial information effectively. In this spirit, we are happy to announce that IWP will be welcoming Adjunct Writing Specialist Andrea Hamlen to teach a pilot writing program.

This writing program functions as follows. Students who are interested in feedback on their writing skills and how they can improve may submit a two page writing sample to Professor Andrea Hamlen. Professor Hamlen will review the work and provide feedback on structure, organization, and sentence-level grammar. Upon her return of the reviewed draft, she will include a recommendation for or against attendance in an advanced writing course. This semester marks the first time IWP has held such a program, and we are happy to develop the resources available to our students in this regard.

Andrea Hamlen is an accomplished writer, editor, and educator. She has served as an Interim Director at the Leadership Communications Skills Center in the Marine Corps University, a Communications Instructor therein, and in various other capacities alongside the State Department, FBI, and CIA. She will is well situated to spread the specialized knowledge our students need to be efficient and valued writers. Her exposure to the nature of the federal government and her skills developed in academia make her an exciting new addition to our professional team.